Just Gals Being Pals: A Xena Celebration

--- Caitlin & Bob ---

Caitlin and Bob watch Xena: Warrior Princess from beginning to end, and try to have fun and a few special guests along the way.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Mortal Beloved

    Some bad dudes have taken over the underworld, and since Hades has decided he’s just gonna mope about it, its up to Xena and her 48-hour boyfriend Marcus to battle digital harpies, recover Hades’ hat, and make everything right again. Don’t forget to enter our contest to win a 2021 ...


  2. Warrior… Princess

    Xena-Diana prepares for Diana-Diana's wedding while Gabrielle tries to keep her identical twin (unrelated) Diana-Xena from accidentally chopping off anyone's head with her Round Killing Thing. ...


  3. A Fistful of Dinars

    Xena, Gabrielle, and two guys they don't trust go on a real Indiana Jones-style adventure to find the Lost Treasure of the Sumerians, not because she wants the treasure, but because she… uhh… doesn't want anyone to become a god, maybe? Who can say. ...


  4. Athens Academy of the Performing Bards

    This time, we get a clip show so Lucy can have the week off, Gabs meets a nice boy called Homer, and together they enter an epic rap battle to save the local arts school from those evil rule-and-regulations-mongers. ...


  5. Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts

    Our heroes go to Troy to help the "face that launched a thousand [war]ships". Gabs finds her old beau and gets her staff broken, while the Greeks have to deal with a Trojan horse that's full of Xena! ...