Just Gals Being Pals: A Xena Celebration

--- Caitlin & Bob ---

Caitlin and Bob watch Xena: Warrior Princess from beginning to end, and try to have fun and a few special guests along the way.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Black Wolf

    Xena's childhood friend, Flora, is in with the rebel Black Wolf band, and when she goes to jail, Xena, Gabs, and even Salmoneus have to get themselves arrested so they can break out… from the inside! ...


  2. Hooves & Harlots

    Gabs becomes an Amazon princess, Xena fights for her honor, and centaurs get blamed for a murder, but it turns out that man was the real monster all along. Our new theme music is “Kaval Sviri,” performed by Balkan Ethno Orchestra. Please visit them! ...


  3. Death in Chains

    Continuing in our series of gods who get chained up, this time it's Death, and Xena has to save her so that people will be able to die again, which for some reason this time is a good thing. Meanwhile Gabby gains and loses a new boy toy. ...


  4. Prometheus

    We're back! Prometheus gets chained… AGAIN, so Xena and Gabby meet up with Herc-boner and Iolaus to save him, and we get a bunch of needless one-upsmanship and a thrilling pterodactyl ride. ...


  5. The Titans

    Gabby accidentally wakes up some Titans who she uses to do her bidding… until they discover she's not a goddess after all. Learn from Ray Stantz, Gabs. When someone ask you if you're a god, you say yes. ...