Just Gals Being Pals: A Xena Celebration

--- Caitlin & Bob ---

Caitlin and Bob watch Xena: Warrior Princess from beginning to end, and try to have fun and a few special guests along the way.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Reckoning

    Xena tries to help some villagers attacked by a hooded figure, but she ends up on trial for her crimes against humanity instead. Gabrielle does her best Perry Mason impression, while Ares tries to tempt her to the dark side. ...


  2. The Path Not Taken

    Gabby hangs out at the bar with a prince, while Xena goes to rescue his princess from a slimy arms trader trying to start a war. Along the way, she meets up with her hot, not-really-all-that-evil ex Marcus. ...


  3. Cradle of Hope

    Xena, Gabby and Pandora's granddaughter take care of a baby for a while until they can pawn it off on the king, and we learn that the real Hope was the friends we met along the way. ...


  4. Dreamworker

    Gabby gets kidnapped to either become Morpheus' bride or lose her blood innocence — err… "murder virginity," and Xena has to go rescue her inside a dream, with the help of a creepy old dude who wants to rub oil all over her. ...


  5. Chariots of War

    Gabrielle hangs out in a bar and has bad taste in men, while Xena gets shot in the gut with an arrow, gets ignored by dumb villagers because she's both a warrior and a woman, and has to play surrogate mom to Very Caring Dad and his kids. ...