Just Gals Being Pals: A Xena Celebration

--- Caitlin & Bob ---

Caitlin and Bob watch Xena: Warrior Princess from beginning to end, and try to have fun and a few special guests along the way.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Sins of the Past

    Our first episode of the Xena series proper! Xena meets Gabrielle for the first time, goes to visit her home village where everyone hates her — including her mom — and performs a tricky balancing act to get Draco out of her town. ...


  2. Unchained Heart

    Theres a lot to process in this episode — Salmoneus has a panic attack and has to process whether he's a coward, Xena and Iolaus have to process their previous toxic gaslit relationship, and we have to process a very regrettable digital monster. But Herc is only processing ...


  3. The Gauntlet

    This week, Xena is still pretty evil, but at least she's not into killing women and children. Trouble is, her men are totally into it, and this becomes a problem. Xena dons her goin' out armor to strike fear and boners into the heart of her enemies, and ...


  4. The Warrior Princess

    We start our podcast with the very first appearance of Xena in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys s01e09 “The Warrior Princess.” Xena isn't quite herself yet, but we talk about her first adventure, what's new, and what's to come. Battle — errr… seduce on, Xena! ...